Methylphenidate, which is manufactured under the brand name of Ritalin¨, is a stimulant. Ritalin¨ is a stimulant that produces pharmacological effects similar to those of cocaine and amphetamines and it is prescribed to treat (ADHD), attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, ADD and other conditions. Unlike other stimulants, however, MPH (its shortened chemical name) has not been produced by drug dealers in homemade labs, probably because it is an inexpensive, available medication with a prescription, even though it is a controlled substance. A growing number of incidents of abuse have been associated with teens and young adults using MPH for its stimulant effects: appetite suppression, wakefulness, increased attentiveness, increased focus, and euphoria. Many teens are using it for weight reduction since it is a powerful appetite suppressant. The drug has been named with the street name of: "Vitamin R", "R-Ball" and the "Smart Drug". It is inexpensive to purchase from friends or dealers for anywhere from 50 cents to one dollar per pill and up to 5 dollars per pill. The drug is prescribed to approximately 2.5 million children for ADD/ADHD, according to Ciba-Geigy, but this has been a very controversial drug and topic over the past several years. We are not promoting this drug, just providing information about the potential abuse of it. The dramatic increase in the U.S. production and consumption of this drug in recent years can largely be attributed to its increased use for the treatment of ADHD in children. A growing number of incidents of abuse have been associated with adolescents, young adults and college students who are using the drug for its stimulant effects. It is being used for appetite suppression in many teenagers with eating disorders who have gotten the pills from friends. In college students it is being used as a stimulant to help them stayed focused and awake (for long nights of studying) and for parents of children prescribed t

Ritalin este un medicament pe baza de prescriptie, psihostimulant, ,,inteligent” care afectează sistemul nervos central. Mecanismul principal de acțiune al Ritalinului este prevenirea de reasimilare a dopaminei, un neurotransmitator puternic responsabil pentru energia mentala si senzatiile de motivare si dorinta. Pe lângă blocarea proteinelor care provoacă absorbția dopaminei, Ritalin îmbunătățește funcția neuronilor din cortexul prefrontal al creierului. Această zonă este cunoscută pentru  controlul impulsurilor, motivației și claritatii mentale. În timp ce Ritalin este prescris în primul rând pentru persoanele care sufera de tulburari de atentie ADD și ADHD , beneficiile sale neoficiale includ îmbunătățirea concentrarii mentale, letargie redusa si pierderea in greutate datorita metabolismului îmbunătățit.

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